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If you have more than 1 script for the same talent, please put them in the same order & adjust the # of scripts in the form. This helps us on processing time and avoids any confusion for the talent.
Before you order…

Underlined words or bold text will not be visible on our end. We suggest using capital letters or attaching your script with bold text on any words you want emphasized as the order form may reformat when we receive the order. Also any breaks in the script will not format with breaks in the script field & you may want to attach your script. Please include proper punctuation.

If your script is open ended on read time, please do not put in a time as the results may not be what you want. Simply put “no time to be concerned with” in the total read time field. The read time is based on how much time the talent has, not the length of your project.

Always include a previous read if you would like the talent to match a previous read they did. Due to the volume of bookings we do, we tend to forget the style of a read we have done in the past. If this is a new read, the best direction is to ask the talent to replicate a specific clip you heard in their demo reel.

Check your copy before sending. We are not responsible for script errors & new reads will be billed out. Please include audio files with pronunciations on uncommon words we may not be familiar with.

  • Talent turn around times based on voiced spots up to :60. Longer reads, full production, or multiple scripts may take longer.

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We bill out per talent and per tag / spot / script. You can place up to 15 separate bookings in this order but each booking is billed separately.

Please attach one commercial, tag, or narrative per script below


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Please fill out all of the fields below. After you hit the "submit" button at the bottom, please wait for the page confirming your order has been sent. Otherwise it will not send.

Check your copy before sending.
We are not responsible for script errors.

Please allow a few seconds for your order to get sent to us after hitting the submit button. Please do not close your window until you get the "thank you page"