* Changes On Orders (bookings) after submitted Due to the high volume of bookings we receive through out the day, phone calls, etc. changes or cancellations on scripts after submission is billed at the standard rate. We process all orders within moments of receiving them (during business hours). Please be sure you and your client approve all scripts before sending to us to avoid double billing on copy changes. Once the voice talent acknowledges to our Client Relations associates they have received the booking (per our policy with our talents) it is usually considered too late to stop or change the order or billing. Copy change, cancellation, and processing fees are based on each script, spot, tag, and / or talent. Thank you for your understanding as it is our goal to serve all of our clients as quickly as possible.

* Terms Invoices are e-mailed every Monday. Unless a prior arrangement is set up, all invoices are net 30. Any invoices past due by 30 days is subject to a $25.00 flat fee with a 1.5% late monthly late fee and / or a judgement until fully satisfied. Accounts past due by 30 days or more will be frozen until fully satisfied. There is a $25.00 fee if credit card is declined. Returned checks are subject to a $50.00 fee. Add a 3.5% card fee when paying with a credit or debit card on invoices $500.00 or more. Add $3.00 to each invoice we auto-bill. Invoices mailed out include a postage fee. Clients are responsible for all expenses in recovering past due balances.


What's the difference between a re-read & revision and how does it work?

A re-read is getting the exact same script by the same talent re-voiced. A revision is a change in the script or talent. Depending on the situation, we will gladly re-cut the exact same copy and deliver it to you ASAP without additional charges. Situations that will always receive additional billing (but not limited to) include copy change (including removing words from the original script), talent change, read style change, new pronunciations, or specific directions if description wasn’t included in original booking. Due to the contractual agreement we have with our talents we are unable to read any changes, no matter how minor they are, without additional billing. Please note after 30 days of receiving the project, any revisions of the exact same copy will be subject to full rate billing. Revisions after audio has been fully produced with music will be assessed with an additional charge.

How do I convey the read style I am seeking?

For the quickest turn around it helps when you give us an idea of read styles. For example: hard-sell, dramatic, sassy, etc. If you can, please include the specific clip you heard in the talents demo so we understand exactly what you need your v/o to sound like. If no descriptions are given at the time of booking, we will try our best to interpret the read tone you are seeking. We will not delay the deadline without copy descriptives. We will invoice all revisions if requested due to missing style descriptions from the original booking.

Can I send you multiple tags to be billed as one commercial?

Sorry we cannot take multiple tags or short scripts and bill as one. Narrative projects are rounded up to the next minute for billing. Keep in mind that abbreviated words or substituting them with numbers will not shorten the read. FYI, professional voice talents read slower than the average person.
We will gladly read what you send us, however, please keep in mind that it may be subject to additional billing. We do not edit or revise scripts. We read what you send us. We will gladly e-mail you if your script/s exceeds our suggested copy length. Your deadline may be delayed as we will wait until we hear back from you. If you approve any “longer” copy you send us (ie. to be a :30 and it ends up being closer to a :36 due to too much copy) you will be invoiced at the next billing tier.

How many reads will I get?

We require our talents to offer two takes up to :30 seconds. For more reads or additional reads over :30 seconds an additional talent fee may be added.

Are all of the voice over talents the same rate?

Yes, they are all the exact same price for standard reads (character reads & accent reads are additional – see rate card). Each commercial is billed out based on number of talents selected, length, and voice only or fully produced. If you book two talents for a dry :30… you are invoiced for two talents. Billing is based on per piece / tag / spot / talent.

How long will the audio stay on the download page?

We will keep your audio posted on your private ftp download page for one month. We suggest you save your audio immediately to your hard drive as we do not back up dry v/o’s and will be billed again if we need to do a re-read. Fully produced audio is automatically backed up and available at no additional charge if needed in the future.

Can I send an audio file with pronunciations?

Yes. We will forward that to the voice talent. Audio files are better than written phonetics as phonetics can be interpreted different ways sometimes.

I received the audio and realized I made a mistake in the copy. Can I get the correct script re-read?

A re-read is reading the exact same script from the same talent you originally booked. Unfortunately mistakes are very common as we get this request a few times a day and have to bill out any change in the script due to our contractual agreement with our talents. Technically this is considered a copy revision. Please order any changes through the website.

May I send an mp3 with the proper pronunciations?

Absolutely! We encourage you to mp3 us any words we may not be familiar with. This will avoid any deadline delays and allow us to say it exactly the way you need it. We do not charge for mp3 pronunciations forwarded to our talents.

May I get more than one read for my commercial bookings?

Yes! At the time of booking, please let us know how many reads you would like the talent to provide. There is only a $10.00 talent fee for each additional read for up to :35 seconds or $15.00 talent fee for each additional read between :36 and :65 seconds. These rates do not apply after the original booking(s) have been made. After the original booking(s) we will bill based off of the standard rate card if additional reads are requested.

What is the best way to have the voice talent interpret copy?

You must of really liked something specifically in the voice talents demo to have picked them for your booking. Please tell us what you heard in his or her demo so they can give you the read style you are seeking. Feel free to send us a detailed scratch track mp3 with a sample read. We will gladly pass that along to our talents at no additional charge. We want you to be happy!

Is there a limit to where and how long I can use the audio or voice overs?

No. Our commercials are a complete buy out. Use it as often as you wish. Only media retainers that expire will have 60 days to cease and desist use of the imaging voice in your market.

Can I get a phone-patch with your voice talent or talk to your talent in person?

No, sorry. In order to keep costs to a minimum, we do not offer phone patches or phone calls directly to talents. We will be happy to pass along all of the information you deem necessary to each talent in order to get you the high quality audio you expect.

Is there a way I can specify an audio format?

Yes. The most popular are mp3 or wav files and you will see an option in the order form to select one. If you need it in a different format please advise in the directions of the order form. All reads are recorded and sent in mono. If you would like a stereo read please just add a note in the direction box of the order form.

I need my v/o immediately. What is the best way to expedite the process?

Naturally we do our best to turn-around all projects as quickly as possible. We average about 4 hours on our same day talents for turn-around. However, if you need something sooner for emergencies, please put “URGENT” or “RUSH REQUEST” next to the talent’s name in the online order. We will do our best to expedite.

What are the specifications of the mp3’s we receive?

Our talents are required to send everything in a stereo mp3 at a minimum of 224kbps. We do perform a quality assurance review to make sure all audio is broadcast ready and reads match the script.

Sometimes when I call I end up in voicemail, is there a better way to reach you?

We suggest you order the copy with the information first and then call. If you end up in voicemail please leave a detailed message. It simply means we’re on the other line or in a session. All calls are returned as soon as possible.

Why can’t I send you two :15 second tags and just get billed for one :30 second commercial?

Time. When we receive a booking and put it on one of our internal production orders for our talents and for record keeping purposes, it takes time. Like an attorney, auto mechanic, or just about any other profession… you are paying for time and the service. It is also how we contract our voice talents. Plus every audio project from our World Class talents goes through a FREE post audio edit session before we send you the final version.

One of your talents cut a spot for me, but I’m not crazy about his/her voice for this particular script. Can another talent cut the spot at no additional cost to me?

Sorry, we can have the original talent re-cut it for you if you find your instructions were not followed. It’s important to listen carefully to the talent demos in full. Each demo contains a variety of read styles in order for you to make a selection based on your individual needs. Keep in mind all of our talents shine bright with certain read styles. Asking one of our soft sell older talents to do a hard sell will take them out of their comfort zone and may result in a read you are not crazy about. We feature over 130 professionals and have all of the basis covered on read types.

Can I change something I had you fully produce?

Once we have the talent voice your script, you will be able to review the v/o to make sure the read is how you want it and nothing was mispronounced. Once you approve the v/o and we fully produce the audio with music and sound effects we are unable to make adjustments to the read without additional billing. We can easily add or change music or sound effects but if a new read is needed then we will need to start from scratch with new billing.

Quick Tips

  • Think twice about adding multiple phone numbers, e-mail or web addresses to your copy. Chances are, the audience will not remember this information and it takes away valuable seconds from your commercial. People will remember your business name and your creative message.
  • Spanish reads is longer than English reads. Use the copy length above as a guide but you may want to subtract at least 10 words for a good fit.
  • Phacoemulsification. Did you say that right when you first read it? We didn’t either. Its always best to give us a phonetic pronunciation on people, places, and things that may be local and obvious to you, but completely foreign to us. For instance, the above word would be pronounced like this – (FAY’-koh-ee-MUL’-sih-fuh-KAY’-shin).
    Try to use everyday words in your pronunciation. For instance, the city of Ocala contains “oh”, “cal” as in California, and “uh”, and is pronounced (oh-KAL’-uh). Also, don’t forget to let us know which syllable is stressed. Additionally, most dictionaries have a fairly helpful pronunciation guide included in them. Phonetics can be extremely tricky, so don’t hesitate to call us or send us an mp3 to confirm a word.
  • Proper Punctuation is a must. Leaving out periods, commas, and other grammatical marks will inevitably confuse the talent, and may result in a finished product that isn’t quite what you were looking for. It can also be helpful to bold and underline words that you wish to have punched or emphasized. We will evaluate each situation to determine if there will be additional billing on copy errors.
  • It’s important that you always include your name, phone number, and company you represent whenever you send us a script. If you’re going to be away, a cell phone or pager number can also help us. This way, we can immediately alert you with any questions, problems, or concerns.
  • We suggest you never abbreviate (IE states, etc) as the talents are instructed to read how you wrote and sent your script.