Client Testimonials

Here are just a few of the several compliments we receive. Because we respect our clients privacy, we will not disclose any contact information.

“We love working with you guys! You’ve got some wonderfully talented people on your voice roster. Response time, communication, and overall customer service has always been spectacular. I know I can think of a few times when I was in a crunch and needed a voice quick to meet a deadline and you found someone who could turn it around immediately. We really appreciate how often you’ve gone above and beyond for us.”

– Amy (Producer)

“I just found you have both (talent name deleted for privacy) and (talent name deleted for privacy) on your site. I have used them independently and find the turn around to be much faster through you, better audio quality through you, and much cheaper through you. I am not sure why that is but Planet Charley now has all of my business as I prefer working with you verses voice artists independently. I get more from Planet Charley for less!”

– Rob (Producer)

“Big Thanks Mike!!! Thanks again for the EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE and PERSONAL HELP.”
– Waring (Producer)

“We are THRILLED to have found your service!  We definitely will be using Planet Charley again.”

– Jayne (Marketing Director)

Hi Mike. Just wanted to let you know, after 39 years with the company, I am retiring next Thursday. I still plan on freelancing so I’m sure before too long you’ll hear from me again to set up a new account. You guys have given me great service over the years and I truly appreciate it.


– David (Producer)

“Thank you for all your help! I absolutely love using PC for my VO’s”

– Seth (video production company)

“We have always used you and (competitors name removed) for our v-o’s. While (competitors name removed) has us work with the voice artists directly through their site, I have found this to be more difficult. The turn around is slower than they market themselves, audio quality changes depending on the voice artist we select, and the response time on questions vary. Sometimes we wait a few hours till an email is replied to. Plus we pay more to speak with the voice artist as a service fee. With you (Planet Charley) we send in our scratch tracks or directions in text, get an instant reply, receive more consistent audio quality that is almost always better, and can deal with just one person on all projects verses tracking down the voice artist and sometimes even being told we need to be more patient on the turn around. Personally I don’t have the time to deal with people that work in this fashion and prefer your customer service team and one on one interaction much more. You seem to have the systems in place that gets us our recordings faster, better, and no hurdles to jump. We have really cut back on using (competitors name removed) as they are not worth the time and extra dime”.

– Mark (ad agency)

“You guys really are Brilliant On A Budget”!

– Michael (Producer)

“I LOVE USING YOU’RE TALENT!!  Mitzi nailed it, exactly what I hoped for in a read.  Thanks so much!”

– Larry (Producer)

“We use to use one of your competitors and found ourselves dissatisfied with them. We are so happy we found you through a web search. Talk about night and day between you and (competitor name removed).  Your customer service and professionalism is second to none”.

– Mike (Account Production Supervisor)

“It is this personal attention and appreciation of deadlines that makes Planet Charley my only source for professional voiceovers.”

– Robert (Producer)

“I recommend you guys to clients all the time, explain turn around time, prices, and customer service. You guys are awesome.”

– Darrin (video production business owner)

“This new website is so cool! I love all of the features and how easy it is. Keep doing what you guys are doing.”

– Kathy (Producer)

“We use to use (business name removed) and (business name removed).  When we received your information about your services we signed up for an account and have been blown away.  Your competitors have nothing on you. I just wanted to say thank you for making us look so good. Keep up the great work Planet Charley!”

– Tim (Account Executive)

“Planet Charley crew – it is refreshing and a pleasure to work with you guys. So many professionals on one great site and we love your fast search feature to find our voices faster. Our editors also love your free post clean up as the v/o-s always sound great!”
– Mike (Senior Production Manager)

“I am new to this agency and use to working with other voice & production houses. I am very impressed with your services. True professionals and the turn around is faster than another production house I am use to working with that gurantees voiced reads at the flash of lightning. Please don’t change a thing about your services”.
– Lynda (Creative Manager)

“You guys (and gals) are the bomb, baby! thanks so much again for the fast turnaround and great read!”
– Alice (Production Manager)

“Mike I am sorry we just don’t get the chance to talk much. I am always so busy. But I wanted to say I heard some of your spots and they just sound great!  You offer more at your great rates than some of the other people we use to use and just sound so much better. Always a pleasure to work with pros like Planet Charley Productions!”
– Randy (Regional Creative Manager)

“Are you kidding me? Free post clean up which is awesome, great variety of professionals that actually sound like their demos, real quick turnaround, and a very nice staff.  I didn’t think these kind of businesses existed anymore.  Planet Charley is the best!”
– Lisa (VP Creative Services)

“I love you guys!  We used your competitor (business name removed) for a long time.  Too long.  Your customer service is so much more professional and fast to answer my questions. I think we are going on our second year with you now and we will never leave the planet.”
– Vince (Operations Manager)

Thank you for sending us your free copy e-mails when you have concerns about the length of the scripts.  You guys are so easy to work with.
– Cathy (Executive Producer)

“I have worked religiously with one voiceover company for a couple years now and was hesitant to use someone else. But after two recordings with your company I don’t know if I can go back. I like the interaction between your staff and myself. I know if a problem does arise it will get handled professionally and expeditiously.”
-Arend (Producer)

“Hey Mike. We totally love everything about your services! We couldn’t be any happier. Please let all of your talent know that we think they’re great and appreciate everything they and YOU do for us! We get so busy, I wish we gave you more feedback, but please keep up the excellent work and we’re proud to have Planet Charley providing our VO’s!”
-Lee (Production Manager)

“The turn over times are great and your talents do great reads!”
-Adrienne (Creative Services Manager)

“I have used Planet Charley voice overs twice now and have had great experiences. The audio is crisp and clear and exactly what I was looking for.”
-Julie (Producer)

“I couldn’t believe the sound difference with your talents”
-Nate (Operations Manager)

“You guys are very easy to work with. The talent level is incredible”
-Brad (Production Manager)

“After a long search we found the perfect voice with Planet Charley”
-Don (Program Director)

“You are a true asset to our creative service department”
-Heather (Creative Services Manager)

“Very creative voice talents & great service”
-Brooke (Production Manager)

“Mike, I am constantly bombarded with people that do voice overs and most of them aren’t able to offer what we need. I have worked with a few other web voice over services like yours and find yours to be the best. I think the recent surge in business we have been giving you speaks for itself. I know some of your talents and find that they sound better through your agency then they do on their own. Why is that? Anyways I just wanted to send you an e-mail letting you know that our clients are very pleased with their projects and you and your talents play a big role in that. Please don’t change a thing about your services.
-Jen (Agency Casting Director)

“Holy s**t! What a great service you have! I love everything from the professionalism of your voices to the lightning quick turn-around, to the awesome customer service! What sold me about Planet Charley is the mis-pronounced word we had in one of the first scripts we sent you and how quickly you fixed it. Do you remember Mike that the talent had kind of a tough time with it (it was a tough word) and then you discounted the hell out of it. Now that’s customer service. Planet Charley rocks my world!
-TJ (Creative Services Manager)

“Since we started using Planet Charley Productions, we have been thrilled with the way our radio stations sound. The imaging sounds fantastic and my boss doesn’t freak out when he gets the bill. I am looking forward to putting you guys on retainer next month and continuing to work with your hassle free service. Thanks!”
-Marty (Operations Manager)